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Heterogeneity In Landscape Installations

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Heterogeneity by definition is the nature of opposition and compilation of a variety of different qualities brought together for one purpose. This idea is especially relevant in landscape design, which incorporates composition, function and structure.

When designing landscape, it is important to keep everything to scale – the distance between the plants, the space of the garden bed relative to the house. The components of this scale include structure, composition and function, which are all key to creating a sound and cohesive landscape design.

The composition of a landscape takes into consideration the different aspects of the landscape, such as an area with water runoff from a roof, or the edge of a forest. The structure is determined by the composition and configuration of your design elements, working off of factors such as water runoff or shade. The function is how each element in the landscape, such as a Hydrangea bush, interacts with each of these factors. A Hydrangea, for example, would be a prime candidate for a shady spot in the garden.

Landscape architects and designers (like us) are trained and taught on these concepts, which is why we can build a cohesive, functional landscape design for whatever area you’re trying to plant. To learn more about our process of landscape design, visit our page here.

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