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Short Or Tall: What Length Should You Cut Your Lawn?

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lawn-mowing-ri-lawn-care-curtis-flickrAs long as you’re mowing lawn regularly, your lawn should stay healthy – right? Unfortunately, there is more to it than that. Improper mowing is one of the biggest causes of insect damage and weeds ruining your pristine, green lawn. But, it’s easy to avoid as long as you cut your lawn to the right length on a regular basis.

How short is too short?

Short grass is more prone to drought damage and disease. Also, ants and other damage-causing insects prefer to live in very short grass. As a general rule, we recommend always cutting down to 2/3 of the height of the grass. So, if your grass is 3 inches high, cut it down to two inches. If it’s six inches, cut it down to four inches. This will help from scalping the lawn and allowing it to burn out and insects to come in and damage it.

The time of the year matters!

Did you ever notice that your lawn mower is adjustable? This is so at different points of the year, you can adjust and cut your lawn to different lengths. In early spring, March and April, cut your lawn to the shortest setting. In May and June, the grass should be cut about 3 inches, and in July and August, the grass should be cut the longest, about 4 inches tall, and then it goes back down one notch for September and October, etc.

What is the optimum length?

It really depends. If you maintain a longer grass height by mowing it longer each week, it will stay a nice, lush green. But, once the temperatures start to drop in September and October, it’s important to start cutting it short to help it survive the winter months. The shorter length helps the roots survive the stress of the cold winter and this will allow for your grass to green up quicker in the spring months.

In general, mowing your lawn regularly (at least once per week) so you don’t have to cut down more than 1/3 of the length is optimal. Remember to cut it longer when it’s hot and shorter when it’s cool.

Remember, we are the lawn professionals and are happy to help keep your lawn lush, green and happy from spring until winter.

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