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How Often Should You Mow?

Lawn Mowing RI


The short answer: often. By often, we mean once per week, depending on the condition of the lawn. If your lawn is healthy and green, mowing once per week will help keep it that way. If you’re seeing some yellow patches, leave these areas alone for a week or two and mow around them until they get a little healthier.

Why mow so often? In the spring and summer, with a little organic fertilizer, natural rainfall and supplemental watering, your lawn should be growing fast. In order to keep this growth healthy and green, it’s imperative to keep up by cutting the grass each week, maintaining a certain length, depending on the grass. A general rule when cutting is to never cut more than one-third of the leaf blade, which means mowing each week is a necessity.

One example that epitomizes the mow a little, often rule is golf courses. Although the grass is a little different than a typical residential lawn, mowers are out every day mowing the grass a tiny bit and this keeps the grass growing healthy and green.

Other tricks to maintaining a green, healthy lawn all season long are keeping your mowing blades sharp to avoid tearing (our mowers are sharpened weekly), testing the pH of your lawn if it’s not performing well, pulling out any weeds that can steal nutrients away from the grass and watering deep and sporadically to encourage deep roots.

This season, enjoy the greenest, healthiest lawn by mowing (at least) once a week, cutting a small bit of the lawn at a time.

Remember, we offer weekly and bi-weekly lawn services so you don’t have to do all the work!

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