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Lawn Renovation

Our 855RILAWNS Lawn Renovation services include

  • Aeration & Overseeding
  • Top Soil/Loam Delivery & Installation
  • Hydroseeding
  • Conventional Seeding
  • Sod Installation

Lawn Repair Rhode Island

With over twenty years of experience working with all different types of lawns, we’re confident we can turn your lawn into the lush, green masterpiece you’ve always wanted with our Lawn Renovation services Rhode Island.

Our renovation process begins by assessing the best option for your lawn and budget. Our trained lawn care technicians take into account environmental conditions and other contributing causes of lawn damage. 

We may recommend a soil sample to provide you with the results and necessary recommendations. Depending on the type of lawn damage and the extent of it, we may recommend one or a group of treatments and amendments.

Lawn treatments may vary from adding of an amendment like lime or grub control to aerating and overseeding. Or, we may suggest a more labor intensive lawn renovation option like seed, hydroseed or sod. We always involve the homeowner into the benefits, drawbacks and costs of each option. 

Let’s look at what our lawn renovation options include:

Aeration & Overseeding

With our state-of-the-art aeration machine, its spinning tines will poke thousands of holes in your lawn and leave 2-3 inch long plugs of soil, throughout your lawn. These plugs will settle back into the lawn and they will assist with new seed germination, with adequate watering. We will then apply an enhanced seed mix blend of fescue, rye and bluegrass, for optimal results.

Top Soil/Loam Installation

If your lawn requires a layer of new top soil, we will delivery and apply screened loam to your property. This allows for new seed or sod to take in an organic, nutrient-rich medium for successful results.


Your existing lawn may or may not require the addition of new top soil, prior to hydroseeding. But, in most cases, we recommend both for successful germination. Our hydroseeding partners at Always Green Hydroseeding, Inc. offer only the best products that are carefully selected to produce turf quality results.

Conventional Seeding

Like hydroseeding, conventional seeding yields the best results with the addition of new top soil or loam. We will apply and spread an enhanced seed mix blend of fescue, rye and bluegrass to your new top soil.

Sod Installation

This option is the most labor intensive, but provides results almost immediately. With some consistent and regular watering, and additional care, your lawn is ready for use asap! We have several grass varieties to choose from and we will make recommendations for what will work best on your lawn.

What you can expect!

Our goal is always to provide you with an environmentally-friendly, low impact, low maintenance, sustainable lawn. Properly identifying problems and pests lead to determining the best time of the season to tackle the problem. Not every problem, however, has an expensive and complicated solution. We are committed to using the best products, not only for your lawn, but for your community, home and family, as well.

Most importantly, we care!

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What you can expect with 855RILAWNS!

  • Our employees are fully-background checked and uniformed.
  • We have full-time office personnel to answer the phone and any questions or concerns.
  • We have $1,000,000 liability and workers compensation insurance.
  • We are reliable – we come as scheduled. Period.
  • We offer text message notifications of dispatched work.
  • We offer convenient autopay by credit/debit card.
  • Our mowing blades are sharpened daily for a healthy, clean-cut lawn.
  • Our organic-based fertilizing program is safe for kids & pets.
  • We offer a 100% satisfaction guarantee.