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Mulch Delivery

There are different benefits to different types of mulch. Mulch is not only attractive cosmetically,  but it also works to control weeds and retain soil moisture for the plant.

Mulch is available for delivery to your home but is not currently available for pick up.  Please call for latest prices & delivery charges. When calling for delivery, please specify the location and quantity desired. We will load up at our shop and can usually deliver in a time frame of less than a week (sometimes only a matter of hours!)

Brown Pine Mulch Delivery

Advantages: Brown Pine Mulch is slow to decompose and generally lasts more than a year. It is less expensive than Cedar mulch.

Disadvantages: Brown Pine Mulch can lower soil pH slightly over time.

Red/Black Cedar Mulch Delivery

Advantages: Cedar mulch takes longer to decompose lasting several years, so it needs to be replenished less frequently. The resins in the mulch emit a pleasant scent. Has pesticide properties and may keep certain types of insects away from plants or from home foundations.
Disadvantages: Fresh cedar mulch utilizes the soil’s nitrogen as it decomposes, making taking it away from the plants it is protecting. This will only affect only the soil in direct contact with the mulch, therefore it is recommended not to mix it into the soil. Cedar mulch is more expensive than Pine mulch.

How is the mulch sold?

The mulch is sold by the cubic yard which is much less expensive (and more environmentally friendly!) than buying mulch by the bag from your local store. A cubic yard is 27 cubic feet, or 3 feet tall, 3 feet deep, and 3 feet wide. At 3 inches, a cubic yard will cover approximately 100 square feet of gardening area. To figure out your needs, use the calculator found here. It is typical to put down 3 inches of mulch. More than this can smother the plant and less than this makes it difficult to provide coverage.
If you would like the mulch installed, we are also glad to provide that service for you along with weeding, gardening, design, and installation service. Please feel free to inquire or explore the other pages on our website.

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