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How To Create Your Own Concrete Pavers

Hardscape Installation


If you have the real DIY spirit, or are just looking to save money on your next hardscaping project, consider making your own concrete pavers.

The key is to make sure you start with good, quality molds (that can be found online or at your local hardware store) and that you mix consistent batches of concrete.

Mixing Concrete

We recommend purchasing bags of ready-to-mix concrete at your local hardware store. Once you have these, all you need to do is add water and mix. One 80 lb. bag will make about 4 sq. ft. of 2” thick concrete, so keep that in mind before you start your project.

If you’re looking for the natural, grey concrete look for your stones, you can simply mix the concrete and leave it as-is. If you are creating a more colorful look, add dry pigment color to the concrete as you mix it. If you’re unsure before you start the project, there are a variety of concrete stains that can be applied after the stones are finished.

Pouring the Mold

If you aren’t making a lot of pavers, we recommend mixing the concrete in a wheelbarrow or something else that is easily moveable. Use the least amount of water necessary to mix your concrete, as this will keep your stones nice and strong. Pour the concrete into your molds and shake from side to side, tapping around the sides. This helps to remove any air bubbles that could show up in the stone. If you measured incorrectly and are a little short on concrete for your mold, considering mixing gravel into the wet concrete.

Releasing the Mold

Concrete can take anywhere from less than an hour to an entire day to set. Check the back of your concrete bag for timing. Concrete will shrink throughout the drying process, making it easy to release from the mold. Simply turn it upside down and pull with force on the edges. We don’t recommend using any tools to remove the concrete from the mold, because this could damage the mold or the finished paver.

Once you remove the concrete from your mold, let it set for a few more hours before using.

Use your new pavers to create a custom patio, walkway – the possibilities are endless!

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