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Organic VS Inorganic Mulch – Pros & Cons

organic vs inorganic mulch

When you are choosing mulch, you are going to have to choose organic vs inorganic mulch. We are going to look at the pros and cons of each.

Organic Vs Inorganic Mulch – Pros & Cons of Organic


  • Increases the quality of the soil and the levels of nutrients
  • Improves the texture and structure of the soil
  • Invites earthworms and beneficial microorganisms
  • Is less expensive
  • Stabilizes areas that are eroded
  • Won’t overheat the garden


  • Has to be replaced routinely
  • Might contain seeds from weeds, especially if you are using straw mulch and grass clippings
  • Can deplete the nitrogen levels in the soil surface
  • Wet wood mulch often attracts roaches and termites

Organic Vs Inorganic Mulch – Pros & Cons of Inorganic


  • Long lasting and doesn’t decompose
  • Does not include any weed seeds
  • Doesn’t deplete the soil nitrogen levels
  • Versatile and eye-catching
  • Prevents problems with pests


  • Mulches made of stone settle into the soil
  • Rock mulch will absorb and reflect heat
  • Plastic sheeting will prevent water and air from flowing
  • Landscape fabric often will suffocate worms

These are the things to know about when you are considering organic vs inorganic mulch. If you are interested, we offer mulch delivery, contact us here to find out more and see what we can do for you. You can also find us on Facebook.

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