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Plastic Sheeting or Weed Cloth Mulch Pros & Cons

Plastic Sheeting or Weed Cloth Mulch

One of the types of mulch that is inorganic is plastic sheeting or weed cloth mulch This is sometimes called weed cloth. This can be used directly on the surface of the soil by itself or below other kinds of material. It’s usually pinned down using landscaping staples. Even though these kinds of mulch don’t offer some of the same things that organic mulch offers, they do have some pros.

Plastic Sheeting or Weed Cloth Mulch Pros

  • This type of mulch is very effective at reducing evaporation and suppressing weeds. This saves water and effort.  They’re actually much more successful at weed suppression when compared with other kinds of mulch.
  • Using this kind of mulch will warm your soil as well as radiate the heat to your plants overnight. This is great for things like peppers, tomatoes, and eggplants.
  • This helps with giving them a boost early in the spring or even surviving longer when the fall comes, even though this is provided by all kinds of mulch.

Plastic Sheeting or Weed Cloth Mulch Cons

  • This doesn’t add the organic matter or nutrients to your soil like other kinds of mulch even though they’re still helping with soil erosion, water retention, insulation, and runoff.
  • Some options aren’t really permeable. This means that they can lead to drainage or pooling issues. Look for products that are permeable and breathable to water.
  • There are a lot of choices out there that are very thin and can easily tear to shreds. This means that it’s not good at doing its job and it creates a huge mess. So you want to look for options that are more durable.

These are the pros and cons of plastic sheeting or weed cloth mulch. We offer mulch delivery if you are interested and are tired of going to the store. Simply contact us here to find out more. You can also connect with us on Facebook.

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