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Getting Your Lawn Ready For Winter

To ensure your lawn is healthy and beautiful in the spring, preparing it in the fall for the colder weather is essential to achieve optimum growing results next year. If you take the extra time and steps that your lawn and landscaped areas need now, it is sure to be in its best shape when warmer weather returns. Just remember, a little preparation now will save you time and money on lawn and landscape care in the spring.  

Get Rid Of Weeds

Fall is a critical time for your lawn and one when you can help improve its health to be vital during the cold temperatures around the corner. You can start by removing weeds by applying an organic weed killer to minimize competition for essential nutrients and water. While weed growth is minimal in the fall, removing them from the lawn allows your grass to get the nutrients and water needed to remain healthy. 

Apply Fertilizer

Fertilizer is an essential component of lawn care. Before applying fertilizer or other nutrients to your lawn, it is a good idea to contact your local county extension office or lawn care professional to perform a soil test. Soil tests verify pH levels so that you can apply the correct amounts of nutrients or lime to your yard. Having more than is needed of lime or nutrients can damage the grass and inhibit future growth. 

Leaf Removal

Environmentally-aware gardeners will tolerate a bit of leaf litter in the fall for the sake of wildlife who find refuge in the fallen leaves. Overwintering insects burrow into the ground to survive the colder months, and many ground-nesting bee species rely on fallen leaves for safety. 

Where your lawn is concerned, leaves can damage healthy grass. Consider raking or blowing them to an area where they can continue to protect wildlife without tarnishing your curb appeal. Landscape bedding and fence lines work well as leaf collectors and add nutrients to the soil as they break down. 

Landscape Preparation

In addition to winterizing your lawn, landscape and beddings should also be addressed during the fall. Remember, the more you cut back shrubs, remove old limbs and debris from trees and bedding, and prepare your landscape to survive the harsh winter now, the less work you will have when spring arrives. 

As always, your landscape professional can advise you on your property’s fall preparation needs and help you effectively achieve your lawn care goals. 

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