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It’s that time of year…the leaves have fallen and your lawn is covered with their colors. We know you are busy and we’ve got the equipment to make the cleanup fast and efficient.

Here are a few before and after pictures of a couple of  recent cleanups:


This is a property in Providence that includes a church and rectory. As you can see from the pics, the property looks much cleaner minus the giant piles of leaves. Imagine what your place could look like with a fall cleanup by 855-RILAWNS…


Here is a property in East Greenwich that we recently completed a fall cleanup. We think the difference is remarkable (and the homeowner did, too!).

Is it really necessary to clean up the leaves in the fall? Absolutely! Piles of leaves on your grass will suffocate your grass and you will end up with large patches of dead grass. We know kids love to play in the piles of leaves but those piles are perfect homes for mice and bugs (yuck!). Another reason to remove the leaves if you have pets? Have you tried to find their droppings when the leaves are covering your lawn? Not an easy thing to do. Imagine playing with the kids and having them step in poop. A yard clear of leaves is much easier to pooper-scoop.

Do you prefer to rake your own leaves but have nowhere to put them when you’re finished? We have a ‘you rake ‘em, we take ‘em’ service for you. We will pick up the leaves at curbside and you won’t have to be bothered with putting them in those bags!

It’s not too late to request your free estimate. We will be scheduling fall cleanups up until Christmas. Wouldn’t it be a great gift to yourself to let someone else clean up the yard? How about a gift for your mom or dad? Reach out to us and we’ll be happy to get a crew out to you!

From all of us at 855-RILAWNS we would like to thank you for letting us serve you this year. 

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