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The Benefits of 855-RILAWNS’ Environmentally-Friendly Lawn Care Program

environmentally-friendly lawn care
Interested in environmentally-friendly lawn care? Look no further than 855-RILAWN's 6-step, organic program!

It has always been our goal at 855-RILAWNS to provide our Rhode Island customers with sustainable, low-maintenance landscapes using environmentally-friendly lawn care practices. To reach this goal, we decided to drastically reduce or eliminate our use of lawn chemicals through sustainable lawn care practices and Integrated Pest Management (IPM). 

Our current environmentally-friendly lawn care program is a simple, organic-based, 6-step package that fosters lawn and soil health while protecting the environment and keeping you and your family safe. We proudly offer our clients a unique, innovative, and earth-conscious program!

Advantages of Using an Organic-based Lawn Care Program

As concerns about the use of conventional, synthetic lawn chemicals increase, more and more people are moving to organic products and programs. 

What are organic lawn care products?

Organic fertilizers—and other lawn care products—are derived from plant or animal sources, so they are naturally occurring. They typically contain plant-essential nutrients in organic forms that need to be broken down by soil bacteria and fungi before they are available for plants. In turn, they are slow-release products that provide “food” for your lawn over time.

Compared to conventional fertilizers, they contain additional ingredients that offer far-reaching benefits. Often called biostimulants, these compounds help improve the overall soil health and structure, facilitate nutrient uptake via the roots, increase water-use efficiency, and feed beneficial soil microbes.

What are biostimulants, and why are they important?

The 2018 Farm Bill defines biostimulant products as “a substance or microorganism that, when applied to seeds, plants, or on the rhizosphere, stimulates natural processes to enhance or benefit nutrient uptake, nutrient use efficiency, tolerance to abiotic stress, or crop quality and yield.”

Biostimulants typically include one or more of the following ingredients:


      • Humic and fulvic acids from the breakdown of organic matter.

      • Amino acids and small peptides which are the building blocks of all proteins.

      • Seaweed and plant extracts containing micronutrients and play hormones. These ingredients stimulate plant metabolism or natural defense systems. 

      • Beneficial plant growth-promoting soil microbes.

    What is Included in Our Comprehensive, Organic-Based Fertilizing Program?

    Our environmentally-friendly lawn care program uses high-quality organic-based fertilizer products from Hudson Valley Natural. Our 6-step program provides sustainable, earth-friendly lawn care services. 

    We don’t just fertilize your lawn and handle weed control. Along with applying fertilizers, crabgrass preventers, and insect controls, powerful biostimulants are also included to improve soil health, increase water use efficiency, and keep your lawn lush, robust, and healthy all season.

    Step 1: Early Spring Lawn Booster with Crabgrass Pre-Emergent (4/1-4/30)

    One time in the early spring, we’ll come out and apply an organic-based fertilizer with crabgrass pre-emergent. The spring-formulated fertilizer gives your lawn the boost of nutrients it needs to recover and bounce back from winter dormancy, helping it green up quickly. The pre-emergent prevents pesky crabgrass seeds from establishing, helping to keep your lawn weed-free from the start of the season. 

    Step 2: Late Spring Lawn Booster with Crabgrass Pre-Emergent (5/1-6/15)

    A late spring visit brings our crew to your property to apply a balanced lawn fertilizer and a second application of crabgrass pre-emergent. 

    Step 3: Bio-Infused Fertilizer with Grub Control (6/16-7/15)

    Before the heat of summer sets in, we’ll come to apply organic-based fertilizer with grub and insect control. The bio-infused fertilizer application helps prepare your lawn for blazing hot days and unrelenting sun while preventing white lawn grubs and other insect pests.

    Grub prevention is critical and much more effective than trying to treat a problem after you start seeing symptoms in your lawn. White grubs feed on the roots of turfgrasses, and a heavy infestation can kill your turf.

    Step 4: Summer Lawn Protection (7/16-8/15)

    In mid-summer, we’ll apply a gentle, balanced summer fertilizer. This organic-based, slow-release fertilizer provides your lawn with naturally occurring nutrients and minerals your grass needs during the hot summer months. It also aids in disease resistance and helps to protect your lawn from heat and drought damage.

    Step 5: Fall Feeding & Lime Revival (8/16-10/15)

    As temps start cooling, we’ll visit your property and apply an organic-based fertilizer formulated for fall and another dose of lime. This fertilizer application gives your lawn the nutrients and resources it needs to recover from the summer heat; the lime helps improve soil quality, pH, and nutrient uptake.

    Step 6: Winter Preparation Fertilizer (10/16-11/15)

    Lastly, before the snow flies for the season, a crew will apply the final step to our program—a winter fertilizer. This slow-release, organic-based fertilizer application prepares your grass for winter, giving it vital resources it needs during dormancy and helping the blades move those resources into the roots for storage. It will also improve hardiness and spring bounce-back.

    Interested in Our Environmentally-Friendly Lawn Care Services?

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    Optional upgrades to our 6-step environmentally-friendly lawn care program include annual lawn aeration, power seeding, and compost topdressing.

    The service area of our skilled landscaping crews includes South Kingstown, Narragansett, Charlestown, Exeter, North Kingstown, Warwick, West Warwick, Jamestown, Richmond, Providence, East Providence, South Kingstown, and East Greenwich.a