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Reap the Benefits of 855-RILAWNS Professional Mowing Services

professional mowing services
Now is the perfect time to sign up for 855-RILAWNS professional mowing services!

Take a break from yard work this season and enjoy the incredible benefits of having a reliable, professional landscape company mow your grass! 

855-RILAWNS offers professional mowing services so you can relax and enjoy even more free time when the weather is nice. Think of all the time you’ll save by having our reliable, professional crews care for your lawn. Because the truth is, no matter how busy your life gets, your grass keeps growing! 

Rhode Island Lawn Mowing

No more worrying about if you have enough time between soccer games on Saturday to cut the grass. No more jockeying your schedule around so you can leave town for the weekend. No more worrying about buying gas for the mower or routine lawnmower maintenance.

We have the equipment to do the job and can get it done quickly and efficiently! 

Benefits of Professional Mowing Services

More time for things you enjoy

First and foremost, hiring us to mow your lawn saves you time and energy. Even if you absolutely love going out and cutting the grass yourself, it’s hard to argue with an extra hour or two each weekend. Whether that gives you more time with loved ones, the ability to hit the links for 18 holes instead of nine, or maybe you just want a lazy Sunday doing as little as possible. 

Better safety record

No one likes to think about accidents or getting hurt, but the truth of the matter is that keeping your lawn mowed and trimmed is dangerous. You’re working with small engines and sharp blades, and there is a constant fear of unexpected projectiles that can come flying back at you.

You don’t have to worry about keeping yourself or your kids safe with our professional mowing services. We take on the risk and absorb the liability.

A manicured lawn all season long

Hiring a professional to mow your grass will take your curb appeal to the next level! There’s no denying that you could very well be one of your neighborhood’s best mowers, but we’ll venture a guess and say a professional crew will have your lawn looking better than you could even fathom.

There’s a reason we invest in the biggest, baddest, and best lawnmowers—they do an incredible job and make lawns look fantastic. You’ll see an aesthetic improvement our professional mowing services.

No buying, storing, and maintaining lawn equipment 

Let’s face it. Lawnmowers, string trimmers, and leaf blowers are not cheap to buy. Plus, you have to factor in maintenance and repair costs and deal with the headache of unplanned problems on a day when it’s absolutely critical to mow your grass right then. 

By hiring our professional mowing services, the worries about whether the mower will start when you pull it out of the shed or garage and the hassle of winterizing it at the end of the season are gone. No more need to buy gas, oil, or trimmer line either.

Can make other recommendations

When we come out to mow, we will also look at your lawn each time. We’ll let you know if we think there’s a problem or if you’re missing out on a needed service. Maybe your sprinklers are running too long, or you’re fighting a problem with grubs. 

Our crews are trained to notice these issues and bring them up so you can tackle them before they become big problems. 

Available 855-RILAWNS Mowing Packages

Our standard lawn maintenance package includes mowing the grass, trimming along the edges, walkways, and driveways, and blowing the grass clippings off the paved areas. We’ll ensure your property always looks its absolute best after every visit. 

We offer two different mowing frequencies to meet your needs.

  • Weekly services from mid-April through the first week in November. This totals approximately 26 cuts. The grass clippings are mulched and recycled back into the lawn from April to September. Leaves in the grassy area(s) will be bagged and removed as needed.
  • Biweekly services from mid-April through the first week in November. This totals approximately 15 cuts. The grass clippings are mulched and recycled back into the lawn from April to September. Leaves in the grassy area(s) will be bagged and removed as needed.  

Why Choose 855-RILAWNS?

At 855-RILAWNS, we’re known for our exceptional customer service and quality work. Our professional mowing services aren’t any different. You can expect:  

  • We’re on time every time. Your schedule is important to us, and we work hard to ensure we’re at your residence when scheduled.
  • Our mower blades are regularly sharpened to ensure clean, straight cuts. Dull blades tear the tops of the blades off, leaving jagged edges that make your grass susceptible to drought and disease problems. 
  • We always cut your grass at the healthy, recommended mowing height to discourage crabgrass growth, scalping, and burning of your lawn.
  • Along with a crisp, clean lawn cut, we’ll ensure we top the mowing off with precision edging to finish the manicured, polished look.
  • If you are signed up for one of our fertilizing programs, we will continuously keep our eyes open for and address lawn problems on each maintenance visit.

But most importantly, WE CARE! 855-RILAWNS is the best lawn mowing service in the state—we have the best crews anywhere, and every employee takes pride in their work.

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Not only will you save money, but you’ll also have one thing done on your spring to-do list!

Interested in Our Professional Lawn Mowing Services?

Now is the perfect time to get on our lawn-moving schedule for this coming season. With a simple phone call, you can free up your weekend afternoons for the entire summer, allowing you to kick back and relax instead of sweating away mowing the lawn.

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The service area of our skilled landscaping crews includes South Kingstown, Narragansett, Charlestown, Exeter, North Kingstown, Warwick, West Warwick, Jamestown, Richmond, Providence, East Providence, South Kingstown, and East Greenwich.