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855-RILAWNS Winter Services

855-RILAWNS offers a variety of winter services, that help get your lawn and home ready for spring.

There might not be grass to cut or fertilize during the cold winter months, but that doesn’t mean you can’t keep 855-RILAWNS busy with other projects. The off-season is the perfect time for our crews to come out and perform winter services such as gutter cleaning, winter pruning, junk removal, or small engine repair. 

winter services

We can also deliver seasoned firewood to keep your home, garage, or shop toasty warm on those chilly winter days and nights. 

Gutter cleaning

When your gutters aren’t cleaned regularly, they fill up with pine needles, leaves, and other debris. Then, when it rains, the water has nowhere to go. Instead of running through the gutters and down the downspouts, it collects in them and can make its way inside the house, causing severe damage to sheetrock and walls. 

Once in your house, the excess moisture can trigger mildew and mold growth in the walls and under the flooring. If the water continues to get into your home, it can rot and crack wall studs or cause problems with the foundation.  

These problems potentially harm you and your family and can quickly become costly repairs. So, regularly cleaning your gutters prevents issues and saves you time and money. 

To make your life easy-peasy, we offer a gutter cleaning package consisting of two visits per year—one in spring and one in fall to keep your gutters clean, clear, and working the way they should! We’ll send a small crew to your home to clean and clear any leaves, sticks, and debris accumulating over time in your gutters.

Our trained crew members will gain access to your gutters using ladders and neatly remove any debris and clear any clogs. We also dispose of any material we pull from your gutters to keep your yard looking neat.

Winter pruning

Winter is an ideal time to prune your trees and shrubs. It’s much easier to see what you’re doing since they aren’t full of leaves, and the cold weather means pests are dormant. You can make pruning cuts without the risk of insects or pathogens getting into the plants through the wounds.

855-RILAWNS pruning program focuses on maintaining the balance of form, shape, and color of your landscape design. Careful, regular hand-pruning allows us to maintain your bushes and trees at their desired shape and size. Put our professionals to work for you, and we’ll guarantee your yard looks a cut above the rest!

Junk removal and winter cleanouts

Have you been ignoring that pile of junk hiding out behind the back shed? Or stockpiling stuff you no longer use in the corner of the garage? Let us help!

We’ll send a crew in to tackle the junk and clean out all the stuff you never find time to haul off to the dump or transfer station. We’ll load everything and dispose of it properly, freeing up space and knocking that task off your to-do list.

Small engine repair

Given the nature of our everyday business, we rely heavily on our ability to keep all of our landscaping equipment running in pristine condition. When equipment needs repairs, we don’t have the time to wait for someone else to fix lawnmowers or leaf flowers. 

This fundamental need of our business puts us in a unique position, ensuring we can provide the same care for your equipment.

Whether your mower is broken or simply needs a routine tune-up, we provide an all-inclusive small engine repair service with convenience and value. With access to professional sharpening equipment, specialized lifts, and a stock of supplies, our experienced, reliable mechanic will ensure repair work is done correctly and efficiently.

While you do your day-to-day routine, we will pick up your lawn mower, bring it to our shop, and repair it. While the repair work is being done, you can also have your lawn mowed by our crews. Once the repair is completed, we will return the equipment to your house. All without you lifting a finger! Except for you to call us.

With our small engine repair packages, you can rest assured your property will continue to be seamlessly maintained without a cut missed. 

Tune up package

  1. Pick up the equipment from your house and bring it to our repair shop.
  2. Includes up to 2 hours of maintenance/repairs: sharpen blades, change oil, clean air filter, spark plug, check belts, grease, & lube.
  3. Drop equipment back off at your house upon completion of work.

Tune up & mow package

  1. Pick up the equipment from your house and bring it to our repair shop.
  2. Includes up to 2 hours of maintenance/repairs: sharpen blades, change oil, clean air filter, spark plug, check belts, grease, & lube.
  3. Cut the lawn, trim edges, and blow off the driveway and sidewalks once while your mower is serviced.
  4. Drop equipment back off at your house upon completion of work.

If the packages above do not suit your needs, contact us for other options.

We also service:

  • Power washers
  • Lawn tractors
  • Dirt bikes & ATVs
  • Welding & fabrication equipment

High-quality seasoned firewood for sale

Looking for full cords of properly seasoned firewood? If so, you’ve come to the right place!

We offer only the highest-quality, seasoned firewood cut to a length of approximately 16″. We have a mix of oak, maple, birch, and cherry hardwoods seasoned for eighteen to twenty-four months. 

Supplies are limited as the dip in the economy has led to less construction and lot clearing. Delivery is available to the South Country, Rhode Island area on a first-come, first-served basis.

Interested in 855-RILAWNS winter services?

855-RILAWNS offers winter services, from gutter cleaning to small engine repair, to meet your needs. If you want to hire us, contact us here to get a quote or connect with us through our Facebook page.

The service area of our skilled RI Landscapers includes South Kingstown, Narragansett, Charlestown, Exeter, North Kingstown, Warwick, West Warwick, Jamestown, Richmond, Providence, East Providence, South Kingstown, and East Greenwich.