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3 Simple Tips to Protect Your Plants from Frost

Now that it’s getting colder, there’s a good chance that there’s going to be frost. So you want to protect your plants from frost. Below are some tips that you can use to help them stay healthy.

Protect Your Plants from Frost 1 – Bring Your Potted Plants Indoors

When you see a frost forecast, wait til dusk. Then move any of your hanging baskets and potted plants indoors. Plants that are in containers don’t have insulation like plants in the earth do. So they are a lot more prone to damage from frost. Choose someplace that is not too warm, since sudden temperature changes can cause shock. A place in your basement, your shed, or your garage is a good choice.

Protect Your Plants from Frost 2 – Water Your PLants During Afternoon

This may sound strange, but when your soil is moist it can help with protecting your plants from cold. It will help with insulating them, and this radiates the heat when nightfall comes. When you are watering plants before frost, make sure you do it in the middle of hte day when it’s still a bit warm.

Protect Your Plants from Frost 3 – Add Mulch 

Just like you’d put a sweater on when you are cold, adding a mulch layer to the garden is going to help with protecting your soil from sudden temperature swings. Use wood chips, leaf mold, straw or even some leaves. This will give your plants important insulation for their root system. Mulch heavily, making a layer of 3-6 inches. This will create a great barrier for your plants.

But you also want to have a 1-2 inch opening around their stalks so that the soil’s warmth is able to go up through your plants.

These are three tips to help you protect your plants from frost. If you are interested in any of our services, contact us here. You can also find us on Facebook.

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