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3 Hardscape Design Tips

hardscape design tips

When you want to add a hardscape design to your yard, there are a few hardscape design tips that you want to use to make sure that it looks good. Below are the three hardscape design tips to keep in mind.

Hardscape Design Tips 1 – Make Sure Your Design is Balanced

When you choose a hardscape design, you want to be certain that the balance between hard lines and curves is balanced. You also want to have a balance between the materials and soft plantings.

Hardscape Design Tips 2 – Use the Right Materials

If you are creating a path that goes through the garden, it’s important to choose a material that is comfortable for you to work on. When you choose planters, they should be made of durable material.

Hardscape Design Tips 3 – Remember to Consider Drainage

You want to consider drainage because this is going to help you with avoiding problems in the future. One way that you can accomplish this is by installing the patio so water drains away from your house. You also can design it so that water nourishes the plants instead of flooding your home’s basement.

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