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Seasons change, whether we’re ready or not. Autumn is upon us and with it comes another list of things that you may want to take care of before winter brings its grip on the area.


  • You may want to put on your storm windows and doors once the days are a bit cooler. Consider adding weather stripping and caulk to prevent drafts and help with those energy costs!
  • Did your pet tear up any of your screens? Now is the perfect time to bring them in to have them repaired. 
  • You might want to have a professional come check out your furnace. They can make sure your system is up and running and will check for any issues. At the very least, change the filter.
  • Do you have a crawl space with exposed pipes? Get down there and insulate them before they freeze (and you have a flood!). 
  • When it starts getting cooler, we’re not the only ones that want to be snug—make sure your attic is pest free by checking your vents. If you suspect you have a critter up there, call a professional.
  • Do you use a fireplace or wood stove? Now is the time to clean and inspect it. Do you need firewood? 855-RILAWNS has got you covered! Call us today for your free estimate.


  • Change your wiper blades. Not sure what size to buy? Most auto parts stores have staff that can look it up for you. 
  • Check your tire pressure. If you have a car with one of those sensors, you may have noticed that it automatically goes off when the weather gets cold. If you have snow tires, now is the time to call your mechanic. Don’t wait till there’s snow in the forecast!
  • Fluids all set? Besides your windshield fluid, you should check your brake and antifreeze levels. If you’re not sure how to check them, call your mechanic (or check youtube!)
  • How is your battery? Are your lights dim or have you had any weird clicking sounds when you start your car?, You definitely want to have that checked!
  • Before it’s freezing out, check your heat (maybe on one of the cooler mornings?). If you notice a coolant leak, bring your vehicle to a professional ASAP.


  • Clear all debris from downspouts and all gutters after all leaves are down.
  • Rake all leaves from yard and dispose of properly. Don’t have an easy way to dispose of them? We offer a ‘rake and take service’ for you.
  • Don’t want to deal with those leaves at all? Call us today for your free estimate!

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