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As the summer winds down and the cooler temperatures arrive, it’s time to prepare your lawn and garden for next year. Your grass is preparing itself for the winter by absorbing nutrients, moisture and energy so now is the perfect time to assess your lawn’s needs.

Do you have bare spots? Fall is the ideal time to seed. Prepare the area by using a rake to scratch the earth and don’t forget to water every day for two weeks. Dense grass is the best defense against weeds! If the lawn has many bare spots, you may want to consider having a professional aerate and seed for you. Here at 855-RILAWNS, we are committed to identifying the issues with your lawn and using the best tools and products to create the most beautiful and sustainable properties.

Continue mowing! If the grass gets too long it’s vulnerable to fungi. Do you have your mower at the correct height? Don’t cut it too short. Did you know that our Fall cleanups include a free mowing? 

As the leaves fall and cover the grass, you might be tempted to jump in the piles and leave them there until the spring. Those leaves are actually blocking light and moisture to your lawn. It’s best to remove them all before the snows come.

Do you have a vegetable garden? Pull everything out so there’s no decaying materials left to harbor pests and diseases.

It’s time to take in some of your plants when you hear ‘frost’ in the forecast. Many plants that you may have had outside for the last few months will thrive indoors. Check the entire plant before bringing it in for insects. If you’re changing pots, be sure to clean and store the outdoor pots in a secure place for next season. 

Are you going to plant some bulbs for the spring? Before you do, you may want to make a diagram of the yard and decide where they’ll be placed. Your local hardware store should have bulb planters to make the job quick and easy.

If you need any help with your gardening or cleanups, call us! We’re happy to help!

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