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Easy Tips for Picking Apples

Tips for Picking Apples

Fall is such a great time to go apple picking because you’ll want lots of them for baking your pies. Below are some tips for picking apples that you can use to get the best apples.

Tips for Picking Apples

·        The apples that are on the outside branches are the ripest. If you don’t know if an apple’s ripe, choose the apples furthest from the tree’s base.

·        Search for apples that feel firm and don’t have bruises or knicks. The correct color will depend on their variety. Ask an employee at the orchard if you’re not sure.

·        Apples that are ripe feel firm and are crips.

·        When you find one you like, lift it upwards and then twist it a bit so it comes off the tree. You shouldn’t pull it down and you shouldn’t shake its branch. When you keep its stem on, your fruit will last longer.

·        Gasp your apple with your palm instead of your fingers. The pressure that’s applied when you use your thumb and finger can cause a bruise.

·        Apples come in many colors. So you shouldn’t look for just apples in red color.

·        The apple’s skin should be mostly bruise-free and smooth. You shouldn’t pinch it since it could bruise it.

·        Don’t throw or drop apples in the bag. Put them in gently. Otherwise, they are going to bruise, and they’ll go bad quicker.

These are some of the best tips for picking apples that you can use to find the right apples for your baking. Enjoy the fall days! If you are interested, we offer a variety of services that you can use to help your landscape. Contact us here for a quote. You can also connect with us on Facebook.

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