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Major Winter Gardening Mistakes to Avoid

Winter Gardening Mistakes

When you do gardening in the winter, chances are that you have made a few winter gardening mistakes. Everyone has. So here are three winter gardening mistakes that you want to avoid making so that you know that your plants and trees will remain healthy.

Winter Gardening Mistakes 1 – Pruning Late

Giving your bushes and trees a trim is like getting your hair cut. It lets them grow faster and makes them susceptible to cold temperatures. So you want to make sure that you are pruning the last time before labor day. If you do it too late, you should forget about it until spring for removing the branches that the winter destroyed.

Winter Gardening Mistakes 2 – Not Watering Your Plants

You still get thirsty even when it’s not hot out, right? So do your plants. Your tree still needs to be watered even when it’s not hot out. Make sure that you’re hydrating it if you don’t have frozen soil so that they are ready for severe cold weather.

Winter Gardening Mistakes 3 – Not Using Mulch

Your plants need to have some protection just like you do when the weather is cold. Mulch is one of the best ways that you can do this. Put a layer of mulch 3” or less around your plant. But don’t put it against the stem and give it 2” or so to breathe around the base.

These are three winter gardening mistakes that you want to avoid. If you are interested in having mulch delivered to you, it’s a service that we offer. Contact us for a quote.

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