How To Pick The Best Pavers For Your Patio

Rectangular patio made with concrete pavers with a table and six chairs on top of it

Patios make great additions to any house for a multitude of reasons. They make your outdoor space more enjoyable and can provide you with years of enjoyment if designed and installed correctly. Regardless of the reason you might want one, whether it be for relaxation or entertainment, it is very important to create a comfortable […]

Why Mulch Is Beneficial To Any Landscape

Garden Install RI

Mulch not only adds a finishing touch to your gardening beds and is aesthetically pleasing, but also benefits your landscape in a big way. Although it’s not a mandatory addition to your garden beds, the benefits of a properly mulched garden are definitely worth the effort and cost. Mulch helps to slow down weed germination […]

A Yard is an Ecosystem

Landscape remodel

Did you know your yard is an ecosystem? The lawn and landscape work together to balance each other out, just like the human body. When either the lawn or the landscape are under stress, they become more prone to natural control and disease. This relationship can be seem more than ever after severe weather events. […]

Natural Stone Garden Bed Design

Our client Dave bought a new house in South County and was perplexed as what to do with the property. A lot of fallen Red Maples had made for a messy appearance and stumps crowded the lawn. His house needed a makeover and he called us to help. We undertook a multi-season, multi-phase project. We […]