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A Guide to Shade-Tolerant Grasses

shade-tolerant grasses

Do you have a lot of shade in your yard? If so, it’s important to know what types of grasses are shade tolerant. Today we are going to look at some of the shade-tolerant grass varieties in Rhode Island for the northern and southern regions.

Northern Region Shade-Tolerant Grasses

The northern regions usually are cooler in the fall and spring seasons, which means it’s harder for some types of grass to grow. Below are some of the varieties that you want to choose to get the best results.

Fine Fescues

These are ideal when you have heavy shade, and they grow best in those regions with dry soil. Available in sheep, red, hard, and chewings varieties.

Tall Fescues

These are versatile, being tolerant to many different climate conditions, which include heat, cold, shade, and drought.


This will grow well in both shade and dappled sun. this grass is a good choice for climates that are cooler.

Southern Region Shade-Tolerant Grasses

If you have a lot of shade in your yard and you’re living in the southern region, then you want to choose one of the following types of grass.


When you live in a warm climate, this is the grass that you want to choose. It’s durable and it’s low maintenance.


This grass can tolerate shade and heat, and it will flourish in acidic, sandy soil. In the milder climates, this variety is going to remain lush and green during all the seasons.


This might take root a bit slower than the other varieties of grass. However, once it does take root it can grow in warmer climates with shade.

We hope that you found this useful for choosing what kind of grass you should choose when you are reseeding your lawn in shady areas. It all depends on what kind of climate you live in. Do you live in a warmer climate in the south or are you in the north?

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