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5 Shady Lawn Care Tips

shady lawn care

Recently we did a post about the types of grasses that grow best in the shade in Rhode Island. Today we are going to dig a bit deeper when it comes to shady lawn care.

Did you know that the lawn in the shady areas of your yard requires different care than the lawn in the sunny areas? It’s true. Below are five shady lawn care tips to help you with having a beautiful lawn even when the lawn is in the shade.

Shady Lawn Care Tip 1 – Encourage Sunlight

Trim back the branches of your bushes and trees. This will allow the maximum amount of sunlight to reach your grassy areas.

Shady Lawn Care Tip 2 – Test Your Soil

Test the soil and check its pH level. It’s important to have a great pH balance to help your grass to thrive.

Shady Lawn Care Tip 3 – Raise Your Mower Blades

When you are cutting your grass, your mower should be set an inch higher when you are mowing in shady areas. This will allow additional sunlight to reach your grass blades so that they are able to grow some deeper roots.

Shady Lawn Care Tip 4 – Adjust Your Fertilizer

The grass in the shady areas in the yard will require half the amount of fertilizer as the areas in the sunny spots. Make sure that you are adjusting so you aren’t giving your grass too much fertilizer.

Shady Lawn Care Tip 5 – Watering & Irrigation

You want to make sure that the grass in the shady areas is getting ample water yet not becoming saturated. So, it’s a good idea to water the grass deeply but less frequently.

These are five shady lawn care tips that you can use to help you with creating a beautiful lawn even when it’s beneath your shade trees and the shadow of your house.

Are you interested in having someone come and check out your lawn and perhaps do some treatment on it? If so, contact us here and we’ll be glad to give you a quote.

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