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3 Signs You Need Retaining Wall Repair

retaining wall repair

Retaining walls make a great addition to many properties. But like anything else, eventually, you will need retaining wall repair to keep it working the way it should. Below are some of the signs that you should look for that you will need retaining wall repair in the near future.

Signs You Need Retaining Wall Repair 1 – Cracking

If you are noticing cracks spreading steadily on the retaining wall, you want to have it repaired quickly. This can be due to improper drainage and oversaturated soil. It also can be because of issues like structural flaws. So you want to have it inspected to see what is happening with your retaining wall.

Signs You Need Retaining Wall Repair 2 – Crumbling

Seeing your masonry crumble often means that you had substandard materials used for your wall. It can mean that the wall’s design and build are improper. For instance, the builders might have used materials that aren’t able to withstand loads that are heavier. This can cause buckling and breaking apart beneath the strain. Even though fully replacing the wall might be better, it’s possible that securing and strengthening the wall can be done.

Signs You Need Retaining Wall Repair 3 – Bowing or Tilting

If the retaining wall is leaning or bulging outward, it means that it wasn’t built on a footing that is sufficiently large enough or that it doesn’t have reinforcement for containing that weight that’s behind it. For addressing this problem, the soil might need to be removed and structures might need to be added before bracing the wall and putting the soil back. It’s also possible that a better system for drainage might be needed.

These are three signs that you should look into retaining wall repair so that your retaining wall keeps doing the job that it’s made to do.

Have you looked at your retaining wall and thought that it might need some repair? We offer hardscaping services, and we’ll be glad to come and look at your retaining wall for you. Contact us here and let us show you what we can do for you.

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