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Pruning Roses – A Short Guide

pruning roses

If you have roses, one of the things you might want to know is how much pruning roses need and what you should do with them.. There are several approaches when it comes to pruning your roses, based on what you’re looking to get out of your roses and their type. Roses that are newly planted should only be pruned lightly, if you prune them at all, during their first 12 months. This way they can put their energy into establishing some strong roots rather than growing leaves and stems. When you have healthy, old roses, you can use one of these styles for pruning roses below to experiment.

Methods for Pruning Roses

  • Light Pruning – This will remove under 1/3 of your plant. If your rose has a natural shape and good bloom with little to no disease, you’ll be able to be selective regarding your cuts.
  • Moderate Pruning – This cuts your plant to 18-24” high and 5-12 canes that are coming from its base. If you are interested in improving your plant’s branching structures, you should do this. It will encourage better flowering and new growth.
  • Severe Planning – This will take your rose plant to 6-10” high and 3-5 canes. This is ideal for long-stemmed flowers or if you just want to refresh the plants that are older and aren’t performing well. remember that some of the varieties might not bloom too well after they’ve been cut back a lot. Rather, they may be focusing on regrowing their stems. These might not bloom that year, although the rose usually repeatedly blooms throughout the season.

One exception to this is climbing roses. If they have become overgrown, you can reduce their size overall drastically by removing the excess canes located at the plant’s base. However, you should leave a minimum of 3-5 canes and not cut the plants shorter than five feet.

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