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Project Highlight: Massive Lawn Overhaul in Hope Valley

Massive Lawn Overhaul in Hope Valley.

This month we would like to direct your attention to a massive lawn overhaul and installation we completed in Hope Valley, Rhode Island. This is a completely new construction starting from the ground (or soil) up. Our clients had just recently purchased a home in a new development and there was almost no lawn or plants of any kind surrounding the house to begin with. Since there was poor topsoil for us to work with, we decided to tear everything up and start from scratch in the 13,000 square foot area.

The topsoil that we created consisted of 70% loam and 30% compost. Compost is a great, natural way to help your landscape that will slowly release valuable nutrients to the soil to promote quality and fertility as opposed to chemical fertilizers that can burn plants. The compost also provides organic matter and nutrients which will improve plant growth and lead to better yields when used in a garden.

Since the original soil we were working with was not very high in quality, our choices for trees were somewhat limited. We ended up choosing American Holly, Zanderwolf Pine, and Yellow Bird, which are beautiful, native trees that are still able to thrive in any soil condition.

After the complete reconstruction and installation using a massive amount (165 yards) of material, we are very happy with the way things turned out and so are our clients. With the absence of a sprinkler system on the property, the one challenge we face is depending on mother nature to help us out in providing enough irrigation to support the new landscape.

We will continue to update this post as the new construction begins to fill in, with more photos to come along the way. Are you interested in a new lawn installation? Find out more about what we can do!

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