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4 Tips for Fixing an Overwatered Lawn

overwatered lawn

Recently we did a blog about signs that you are overwatering your lawn. What if you have used too much water? How do you fix an overwatered lawn? Below are 4 tips that you can use to fix your overwatered lawn.

Fix an Overwatered Lawn by Reducing Water

Even though you want to reduce how much water you are giving your grass, you shouldn’t stop watering it completely. Figure out how much water your grass needs

Fix an Overwatered Lawn by Aerating It

A really good way to fix an overwatered lawn is to aerate it and remove grass clippings. It also will reduce the chances of impaction, adds some organic matter back into the soil, and improve the uptake of nutrients.

Fix an Overwatered Lawn by Dethatching

Since there are a lot of problems that thatch causes to your lawn, it’s important that you’re removing any excess, which means anything more than ½”. This can be done by raking the thatch out. However, keep in mind that this can be a lot of work.

There are also dethatching products that you can use which you apply right to the thatched area. This will help to break down and decompose the thatch.

Fix an Overwatered Lawn by Fertilizing

When you overwater, it will wash away the nutrients inside your soil and take away the important things that the lawn needs for growing. That’s why you want to make sure that you replenish the soil’s nutrients using fertilizer.

Your lawn is going to become green again when you use an all-around fertilizer. But it’s a good idea to test your soil and see what types of nutrients are needed so you give your lawn what it needs.

These are four things that you can do to fix an overwatered lawn. If you have found that you have overwatered your lawn, don’t panic. Simply use these tips to fix it and get it back to good health.

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