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4 Signs Your Lawn Needs More Water

Lawn Needs More Water

When the summer is here, the one thing that you might notice is that it’s not raining as much. Does your lawn need to be watered? Below are four signs your lawn needs more water, so you know what to look for.

Dry Soil Means Your Lawn Needs More Water

A huge sign that your lawn’s not getting the water it needs is that the soil is dry. If you’re noticing the top soil layer’s crumbly and dry, you want to water your lawn well.

Footprints in the Grass Means Your Lawn Needs Water

Another huge sign that the grass needs to be watered is if you’re noticing footprints or other kinds of tracks staying in your grass for a long time once they’ve been made. If they remain for a few minutes and you don’t see your grass springing back up quickly after it’s been walked on, chances are that the lawn needs watering.

Slow Grass Growth Means Your Lawn Needs More Water

If you are noticing the lawn’s growing more slowly than it usually does, it could mean that it’s not getting the water it needs. Just like most plants, grass will need water in order to grow. Therefore, if you’re noticing it’s having trouble growing, you want to water your grass.

Patchy Spots Means Your Lawn Needs More Water

Finally, if you’re seeing patchy spots, it may need water. These spots could be yellow or brown. Although they also can be due to other reasons, such as if you have a dog, it also can be due to low amounts of water.

These are four signs that your lawn needs more water. We hope that you found this to be useful and that we have helped you with knowing what to look for on your lawn during the summer.

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