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Mum’s the Word!


Getting your Chrysanthemums to return year after year is really no secret. Here’s how to get started:

~Plant your Mums as early in the fall as possible. Doing so allows the plant ample time to set strong roots.

  • You’ll want to dig a hole twice the width of the plant base and loosen the roots prior to setting the plant in the ground.
  • Backfill the hole with nutrient rich soil, but do not fertilize.
  • Water thoroughly

~Spread 5-6” of mulch material around the plant to help protect the roots.

  • Pine bark or straw works well.

~Cut off the dead flowers after your mums have finished blooming, but resist the urge to cut off the brown foliage and stems.

  • If you’re feeling especially resourceful, save those seeds! They can be planted directly in your garden in the spring.

~Treat yourself to something nice. With a little luck, you’ll save yourself the expense of having to buy these fall favorites again next year!

Thanks for reading… please stay tuned for future updates including seed collection tips and how to care for your new garden mums in the spring! 

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