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Crushed Seashell Driveway with Cobblestone Edge

Hardscaping RI

Our hardscaping team recently installed a gorgeous crushed seashell driveway with a cobblestone edge. The clients, located in a beach neighborhood, were looking for an attractive solution to their broken asphalt driveway. We thought it would be a great idea to use broken seashells for their driveway and they loved it! We installed the Cobblestone edge to prevent the spreading of the stones and incorporated curves in the design to mimic the waves in the ocean.

We started the process by excavating into the compact base and establishing a proper grade for the project. We then compacted the land again. Next, we added 6 inches of processed gravel and compacted every two inches with a steamroller. Before adding the crushed seashells, we put down a layer of geofabric. A trench was dug and the cobblestone edge was cemented in. Now that the first phase of the project is complete, we are about to start on the next phase – Finishing the apron. Stay tuned for updated photos!

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