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Let Your Grass Help You Breathe

In urban areas, where concretization is paramount, it is still possible to have a lawn, small though it may be. This is how we get a tiny bit of natural green to enjoy. Then, there are those homes with huge yards that can get professional landscaping done.

The truth is that an untended lawn can become an eyesore. From grass seeding to annual aeration of lawns, it can seem like a lot of work with regular maintenance. These tasks can seem daunting, and you may decide that artificial turf is good enough for you. However, it is just not the same as feeling fresh grass under your feet. Some even prefer hardscaping with the addition of just a few plants and shrubs. 

Advantages of Having a Lawn

  • Fresh grass lawns come with huge benefits to the environment. They, like all green plants, absorb carbon dioxide, and release oxygen. They also trap the dust floating around your home and provide an easier breathing environment. 
  • Lawns are particularly helpful in trapping stormwater runoff and preventing soil erosion. During heavy rains, the surface area with soil or gravel can get washed away, causing ruts and holes in the ground. The water ends up clogging the drains and has the potential to cause flooding. A lawn can slow down this process by letting the water seep into the groundwater system.
  • Grass lawns help the soil structure by ensuring that the soil is not too compacted, reducing water seepage into the ground. The soil remains loose and airy for a longer time. 

Disadvantages of Having a Lawn

  • Regardless of the size of the lawn, maintenance is essential. It involves regular cutting or mowing. Having a good lawnmower that costs money and requires maintenance does not work for everyone. What’s more, lawn owners need to set aside time that they may not have. 
  • The grass needs to be fertilized regularly, or the lawn will not look vital and healthy. Grass lawns need a regular supply of soil-rich nutrients that include nitrogen and phosphorus. 
  • Keeping the lawn free of bugs can also be a challenge. An overgrown lawn can hide insects like ticks and other disease carriers. So, people use pesticides. Unfortunately, pesticides may cause more harm than good, especially if applied inexpertly.

For those of us who enjoy the fresh smell of grass and wish to get the benefits of having a lawn, professionals provide landscaping services. It may just be worth hiring them to help you maintain the grounds for the long term. 

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