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How To Keep Your Lawnmower Running Strong

How To Keep Your Lawnmower Running Strong

Over 5 million lawnmowers are sold in the United States every year. Having a lawnmower allows a homeowner to keep their grass properly trimmed. Mowing your lawn regularly is crucial when trying to keep it healthy, green and lush. Just like any other gas-powered piece of machinery, your lawnmower will need to be maintained and repaired routinely. Ignoring the maintenance needs of your lawnmower can have dire consequences.

Addressing common lawnmower repair problems and providing your small engine with the maintenance it needs is much easier with the help of professionals. The team at 855-RILAWNS has the knowledge and tools needed to fix your broken lawnmower quickly and correctly.

How To Keep Your Lawnmower Running Strong

Check The Undercarriage of Your Mower

The average residential lawnmower has a number of different parts. The deck, discharge chute and undercarriage are some of the most commonly neglected lawnmower components. Over time, the undercarriage of your lawnmower will become caked with dirt and grass clippings. If these elements are allowed to stay on the undercarriage, it is only a matter of time before they start to clog your discharge chute.

If this chute is clogged, it will make mowing your grass an impossible and frustrating task. The best way to get this vital part of your lawnmower clean is by using a garden hose. Before you perform this necessary maintenance, be sure to disconnect your mower’s spark plug. By doing this, you can perform this job quickly and safely.

Keep An Eye On Oil Levels

The small engine attached to your lawnmower needs certain things to run properly. One of the main things your small engine needs is the proper amount of oil. Lower oil levels usually lead to internal engine damage. This damage is generally caused by the internal components in your engine being exposed to higher amounts of friction. Instead of having to rebuild or replace your engine due to low oil levels, you need to make a habit of checking your fluids regularly.

You will also need to change the oil in your lawnmower’s engine frequently. Consulting with an experienced lawnmower mechanic is a great way to figure out how to perform this maintenance. If you are apprehensive about performing this work alone, then allowing professionals to handle it is your best course of action.

Drain Gas at The End of Mowing Season

When the weather outside starts to cool off, you will need to put your lawnmower up for the offseason. Before you put your lawnmower in hibernation, you need to make sure all of the gas has been drained from it. Leaving this gas in your tank during the offseason can wreak havoc on your small engine. Draining the gas and putting a small engine fuel stabilizer in the tank allows you to keep your mower in good shape. Once warmer weather arrives, you should have no problem cranking and using your lawnmower if it has been cared for properly.

Whether you need landscaping help or lawnmower repairs, 855-RILAWNS can help.

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