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Keep Mosquitoes Away with These Handy 6 Plants


How are you enjoying the spring weather? It’s only May, but chances are that you are looking forward to entertaining outside. If you want to enjoy your yard and keep mosquitoes away, then there are some plants that you can grow that will help keep those pesky bugs away. Below are 6 plants that keep mosquitoes away.

6 Plants to Keep Mosquitoes Away

  • Catmint – This is a plant in the catnip family and has scented leaves and gorgeous flowers. Plant them near your outdoor seating areas and your entry doors, and it’s going to help keep the mosquitoes away.
  • Citronella – You’ve probably seen citronella candles around during the spring and summer months, and this is what they’re made from. Although it’s a type of geranium, the oil used in candles is usually extracted from its grass.
  • Eucalyptus – Go into many of the craft stores and chances are that you are going to see this for sale since it is often used in craft projects. However, it’s more than just beautiful. It’s great for keeping mosquitoes away.  
  • Lavender – Along with being sweet-smelling and beautiful, lavender is great to keep mosquitoes away. Lavender masks the scent of humans so that it keeps the mosquitoes from finding their targets.
  • Marigolds – These lovely blossoms come in a lot of colors. They’re also easy for anyone to grow. Their scent helps keep mosquitoes away. However, they’re also going to help prevent aphids, which is another thing you don’t want in your garden.
  • Thyme, Rosemary, and Basil – Not only are these plants great to add to your recipes, but they will also help to keep mosquitoes away.

If you are looking for ways to keep mosquitoes away, then you want to add these plants to your garden. Want more help with your garden? Contact us and we’ll be glad to give you a quote.

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