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It’s All About The Entrance


We recently created a gorgeous cobblestone apron for one of our clients and we’re thrilled with the outcome (as is he!).

Richard wanted an apron to function as an attractive entrance into his driveway, to replace the old cracking asphalt, and to hold the pea stone in the driveway by creating an edge. We jackhammered the asphalt into strips and removed the top 6 inches until we hit compact gravel. We then put three inches of mortar sand down and set the cobbles in.


Because the driveway is on a main road, we wanted to give it some character that would set it apart from all the other cobblestone aprons. We decided to use red, regulation-size cobbles in the center of the driveway. We found three discolored jumbo blocks at the bottom of our pallet and decided they would look good in the middle of the frame. After setting all the stones, we filled the gaps with cement-like filler and wet it.


We also cleaned the garden beds around the edges and created new beds on both sides. We planted two upright Japanese Plum Yews on either side of the driveway, accenting the entrance pillars. We chose this unique shrub because it is shade-tolerant and will tolerate of bad soil, because the area will get a lot of salt and sand in the winter months.

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