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June first is upon us and with it comes hurricane season (yes, I was hoping for beach season, too but they go hand in hand). If you’re old enough to remember Hurricane Bob, you remember no power, no shower, no hot food… Ah, memories.

Every year the weatherman tells us to prepare but how many of us actually do? We all wait until it’s upon us and then it’s the mad dash for water, bread, peanut butter and canned goods.

Maybe you’ve prepared in the past only to see the storm go East and into the Atlantic. You figure you’ll cross that bridge when you come to it. If you’ve ever been without power for more than a day, NOW is the time to prepare.

Consider having any tree limbs that might be hanging close to your home trimmed back. Your property can be devastated by any large wind event, especially a hurricane. Take a walk and notice anything that could be affected in a storm. Don’t wait till it’s too late!

Unlike seasons past, we all have cell phones to keep in touch with our loved ones. Do you have a car charger for your phone? Consider purchasing a cheap tablet to download movies onto if the internet is out (both Netflix and Amazon Video have downloadable materials!).

If you have a generator, now is the time to check it to make sure it’s in running order. It won’t start? We have a mechanic on staff that is skilled in equipment repair. Be sure to have plenty of gasoline on hand.

When it comes to provisions, think about what you have on hand, what you really will eat, and how you will cook any food. Why buy peanut butter if you aren’t going to eat it? Do you have a grill that you can use or a camp stove? Do you have a freezer full of meat that is going to go bad if you don’t have a generator?

We’ve been pretty lucky here in Southern New England in the past few years but it only takes one storm to remind us how prepared (or not) we are. Stay safe, and have a great summer!

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