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How to Care for Mums

Here in the Northeast we often treat fall Mums as disposable, potted porch decorations. Did you know that with just a little effort, your seasonal Mums will be happy to grace your garden for many years to come?   Click here to find out how:   


  1. For the best results and to increase the likelihood that they will return, get your mums in the ground as early in the fall as possible. This will help the plant set strong roots to help it last through the winter. It’s never a bad idea to mulch around the plant to offer additional protection.


  1. After fall bloom, resist the urge to cut the plant back. It’s best to leave the brown foliage intact to help protect the plant through winter. Some  people prefer to cut them at this time, but I’ve had better success when leaving them alone, so that’s what I like to do.


  1. In early spring when new growth is starting to show, cut the whole plant close to the ground. That’s right, the whole thing!  This may seem drastic, but if there is still life left in your plant, it will regrow in no time at all.  

4. Sit back and enjoy your fall treasures. Don’t forget to collect some blooms for indoor arrangements. Mums are extremely hardy both outdoors and in!

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