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How Drainage Affects Your Landscaping

Proper drainage is essential to a thriving landscape. Rainstorms will wreak havoc on your lawn and landscaping foliage without the appropriate drainage system. If you are concerned that your property and landscape are not draining, consult your landscape team to discuss options. Let’s take a look at some of the ways drainage can provide protection for your landscape and increase your family’s enjoyment of your outdoor spaces.

Standing Water Poses Threats To Landscape And Health

Standing water poses threats to the health of your landscape and the health of you and your family. Rainwater that accumulates and puddles on your property can cause grass and other plants to die. Standing water is a sign of poor drainage, and its implications threaten the overall health of your vegetation the longer it remains. 

Accumulated water also attracts pests and insects, making spending time in your outdoor areas unbearable and potentially hazardous. Insects often bring bacteria and diseases that are harmful to your family and your pets. To keep your property less attractive to insects and pests, ensure proper drainage so water will not puddle.

Improper Drainage Leads To Soil Erosion

Without a proper path to follow, water will make its own, which can cause the soil around your home to wash away. Not only does soil erosion threaten the stability of structures on your property, but it also depletes your landscape of nutrients essential to plant growth. A lawn experiencing soil erosion will be left lifeless and brown, while a well-drained terrain will allow vegetation to thrive. 

When left unchecked, soil erosion can destabilize structures on your property. Issues such as cracked sidewalks, uneven pavers, and even damage to your home’s foundation are some of the problems caused by eroding soil. Proper drainage that directs water off your home and property will ensure your property is thriving and safe.

Signs Your Property Is Not Properly Draining

The health of your landscape and the safety of your property depends on proper drainage. After heavy rainfall, look for any standing water and puddling, which is a sign of poor drainage. If standing water is left around your home’s foundation, it can keep the crawl space wet or find its way into the structure itself. Damp foundations can lead to significant problems in your home, from cracks in the walls, mold growth, and even flooding in the basement. Check around your home for dampness, standing water, and mold growth, which can show that drainage needs to be addressed. 

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