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4 Benefits of Bark Mulch

Benefits of Bark Mulch

If you are looking for a type of mulch that you can use in your garden, one of the best types to use is bark mulch. This mulch is organic and provides a lot of great benefits to your soil. Below are some benefits of bark mulch.

Benefits of Bark Mulch 1 – Adds in Organic Matter

Mulch will add organic matter to the soil as it’s decomposing. It will make the garden better able to fight off plant diseases and pests. It also provides nutrients by slowly releasing them.

Benefits of Bark Mulch 2 – Gives Insulation

Because soil that is mulched is a lot warmer during the winter as well as cooler in the summer when compared to bare soil, it can help with protecting the roots from very extreme temperatures. It will keep the roots cool consistently during summer and consistently warm in the wintertime.

Benefits of Bark Mulch 3 – Saves Water

Mulch is able to retain as much as 70% additional water in your ground compared with ground that is unmulched. When you add a layer to your soil around your trees and shrubs it can help with reducing the loss of moisture during the summer because it prevents the sunlight from getting to the soil and heating it.

Benefits of Bark Mulch 4 – Prevents Soil Compaction & Erosion

Soil that is bare that’s been impacted either by sprinkler water or rain often can disperse and then break apart. When you mulch around your shrubs and trees, it’s going to help with preventing the runoff of water because it creates a surface that is spongelike and that will absorb water, slowing it down. It also will reduce the compaction of soil, creating a great environment for microorganisms and worms which will improve your garden bed’s health.

As you can see, there are many benefits of bark mulch. We have only touched upon four of them. We offer gardening services. if you are interested, contact us and we’re glad to give you a quote.

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