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Earth Day Clean Up

Saturday April 22 marked the 47th anniversary of Earth Day, a nationally observed “holiday” intended to spread awareness regarding the importance of environmental preservation. This past Saturday, 855-RILAWNS headed to Hazard Rock beach in Narragansett to host and participate in an Earth Day clean up. This clean up was inspired by our mission to be the most sustainable lawn care provider in Rhode Island, and to fulfill our goals to minimize our own impact on the environment. During the clean up, we estimate that we recovered over 100 lbs of refuse from Hazard Rock, including metal piping, plastic bottles, cans, cigarette butts, paper products, glass bottles, Styrofoam cups, coolers, and even a bike helmet. By volunteering to help clean areas within our local community, we hope to inspire other small businesses to do the same. Next year, keep an eye out for our annual Earth Day clean up event and be sure to come by and do your part to keep our beautiful shoreline clean, safe, and enjoyable. If you have any other suggestions about how we can fulfill our goal to be the most sustainable lawn care company, we would love to hear your ideas! Let us know at service@rilawncare.com or message us via our Facebook page!

Earth Day Clean Up

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