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Community Involvement: The Welcome House


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This past Thursday, the 855-RILAWNS crew headed over to The Welcome House in Peace Dale, RI to help out with some landscaping, painting, and cleaning. The Welcome House was established in 1989, and serves as an emergency shelter for those in need. In addition to providing emergency shelter, the Welcome House also provides community housing, support services, and a meal-site that provides lunch to the local community. The Welcome House provides these services to over 70 individuals on a daily basis, and ensures that anyone in need of shelter, food, or community support is helped. The Welcome House is a non-profit that is dedicated to helping individuals get on the right track, and all their employees selflessly spend their own time to provide the best service for those who need it.

This past week, 855-RILAWNS decided that in order to thank The Welcome House for their continued commitment to community service, we would volunteer to do any landscaping they wanted at no cost in order to beautify their property and emergency shelter. We volunteered to provide mulch for their garden beds in addition to mowing the entire property; by doing so, we hope that more people and the residents will be able to enjoy the outdoor space at The Welcome House. Aside from landscaping, we also helped to paint and clean the rugs, which will make the indoor space more enjoyable for visitors and employees of the Welcome House. We hope that by volunteering our time to help The Welcome House, they can spend more of their time focusing on their guests and getting them back on the right track.

Overall, being able to give back to the community was a rewarding and fun experience for everyone involved. It was especially rewarding to know that we were helping a non-profit that is dedicated to serving our community. Aside from 855-RILAWNS, Keller Williams, Clean Rite, and Two Brothers Painting also contributed to the volunteer work that took place on Thursday. We would like to thank everyone who participated last Thursday and we extend our gratitude to those who took time from their busy schedules to make this happen. We truly enjoyed this opportunity to give back to our community, and we encourage other small businesses to seek out those in need within their own communities to lend a helping hand. At 855-RILAWNS, we are always looking for new ways to get involved to help the community, so if you have any ideas don’t hesitate to let us know!


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