Our Premier landscaping package is our top landscape maintenance program. With the addition of 12 hour of pruning, as well as 6 additional hours of weeding and 1.5 extra hours of shrub trimming, this worry-free program gives you peace of mind ensuring that your lawn and shrubs will be kept in top health. An additional free benefit to this program is the addition of free spring annuals!

Our Premier Package includes:

  • Spring cleanup: We will visit your property once in the spring to remove leaves and small sticks that have fallen over the winter from your lawn and garden beds.
  • Weekly lawn maintenance: The lawn will be cut weekly mid-April through the first week in November at a height of 4″. During October, we will also bag and remove all fallen leaves from your lawn to keep it from getting smothered. One final lawn cutting will be performed with your fall cleanup in November or December which will be performed at 2.5″ to account for some slow winter growth. At each visit, we will string trim edges, vertical edge around paved surfaces, and blow everything off for a clear finish.
  • Fall cleanup: To prepare your property for the winter, we will make one visit from the first week in November through the middle of December to remove fallen leaves & small sticks from the lawn and planting bed areas to protect the lawn against snow mold & other winter fungal diseases. Herbaceous & non-woody perennials will be cut back to prepare them for the winter.
  • Organic lawn treatment: You will receive a total of 7 lawn applications.
    • The first fertilizer application will be an organic fertilizer with crabgrass preventative.
    • The second application will be the first application of three milky spore to control japanese and to some extent oriental beetle grub in your soil.
    • The third application will be our famous compost topdressing application to add a thin layer of compost to your lawn and add micro organisms to your soil.
    • The fourth application will be the second application of three milky spore to control japanese and to some extent oriental beetle grub in your soil.
    • The fifth application will be an application of starter fertilizer & limestone, combined with powerseeding & lawn aeration for optimal seed to soil contact to help fill in your lawn from the summer’s stress.
    • The sixth application application will be the final application of three milky spore to control japanese and to some extent oriental beetle grub in your soil.
    • The last application will be a winterizing application to encourage winter root germination & ensure a quick spring green
  • Hedge trimming: Hedges on your property will be trimmed once per season for aesthetic appeal (3 hours included).
  • Weeding: Undesirable and invasive weeds will be removed from your garden beds once per month (12 hours per season included).
  • PruningYour property will be visited 9 times per season by our master gardener and shrubs will be pruned or trimmed as deemed necessary for optimum flowering, shape, and appeal (12 hours per season included).
  • Free: Spring annuals to add color to your garden beds and brighten your property up from winter’s gloom.
  • Free: Fall mums to add variety to your landscape.
  • Free: Monthly property inspection to assess the overall health of your landscape.
  • Free: Annual in-person consultation.
  • Free: Comprehensive soil testing.

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