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4 Tips for Using Straw as Mulch

Using Straw as Mulch

If you are interested in using straw as mulch, it’s a good idea. But there are a few things that you want to do to make sure that you are using straw as mulch the right way.

Using Straw as Mulch Tip 1 – Don’t Use Hay

Even though they look alike, hay and straw are different. Hay is used for feeding animals and contains seeds. If you use it as much, the seeds are going to germinate and then create weeds. Straw, on the other hand, will contain few weeds. So, when you’re purchasing your straw, look for weeds.

Using Straw as Mulch Tip 2 – Use Nitrogen in the Soil

Before you plant, you want to put some nitrogen in your soil before you’re planting. As the straw is breaking down, it might rob your soil of it temporarily. You can avoid this by adding worm castings or well-rotted manure to your soil. Another option is an organic fertilizer that is balanced.

Using Straw as Mulch Tip 3 – Wait a Few Weeks

You shouldn’t lay your straw mulch onto your vegetables until they’ve been in the ground and growing for three or so weeks. When you put mulch on seeds that are newly planted, it could prevent them from germinating.

Using Straw as Mulch Tip 4 – Weed the Garden

Before putting straw mulch down, weed the garden. Even though mulch is going to prevent most germination of the newer weed seeds, you want to remove the weeds that exist prior to spreading the straw.

These are four tips for using straw as mulch. If you are interested, we offer mulch delivery. Contact us here or on Facebook.

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