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Spring Mower Maintenance – 5 Important Steps

spring mower maintenance

Now that spring is here, chances are that you want to start mowing your lawn. But before that, you should do some spring mower maintenance to make sure that it’s ready to go. Here are 5 steps that you should take in spring mower maintenance.

Spring Mower Maintenance 1 – Check Its Spark Plug

Before beginning to mow, pull the wire and remove its spark plug using a deep socket or spark plug wrench. If it’s dirty or corroded, spray it using brake cleaner and allow it to sit for several minutes. Then brush it gently with your wire brush. Once this is done, buff it with a nice, soft cloth. Once it’s dry, put it back where you got it from and tighten it by hand. Then place its wire back.

After this is done, if your mower isn’t starting or is still running poorly, you may have a bad plug. Check your manual and find out what kind of plug is needed and then replace it. Since they aren’t very expensive, sometimes people just purchase new ones rather than trying to clean the old plug

Please note – if there’s an oily, white substance that’s on the plug, it’s possible your mower’s leaking fuel.

Spring Mower Maintenance 2 – Change Its Oil

Just like a car, you need to change the oil in your mower. Spring’s a great time to do it. To help with keeping the engine in your mower protected, change it annually or after using it for 50 hours.

Check the manual to be sure that you’re purchasing the right oil type for the mower. Disconnect the spark plug so it won’t start accidentally. Drain the oil from the mower into the right type of container and replace its oil filter if the mower has one. Then refill it with the new oil. You should never put too much in since that can damage the mower. Finally, reconnect the wire for the spark plug.

Spring Mower Maintenance 3 – Replace Its Air Filter

The air filter of your mower often becomes clogged and dirty. This is going to make its engine work extra hard and make it run less efficiently.  Change the oil filter every spring. This will help it with ‘breathing easily’

First, disconnect the wire to the spark plug. Remove the filter’s cover and clean its foam pre-filter. Then replace the air filter made of paper. Replace its cover and then reconnect the wire to your spark plug.

Spring Mower Maintenance 4 – Sharpen Its Blade

Now you are going to take care of the mower’s blades. You want to make sure that the blade is sharp so it can cut well. Remove the wire to the spark plug and remove your blade using a wrench. If you’re not comfortable doing it yourself, you can take it to your local hardware store and pay a fee to have it sharpened.

Spring Mower Maintenance  5 – Clean Its Deck

The underside of the mower often becomes clogged with debris and grass. This can interfere with how well it functions and can cause corrosion. When the mower deck is dirty it also can spread diseases from plants around the property. It’s a good idea to clean it in spring and in the middle of the season to avoid these problems.

Disconnect your spark plug wire. Empty its gas tank and then turn it on its side. Thoroughly spray its underside with your hose. Then take a brush and some soapy water to help you with removing any debris and dirt. Once it’s dry, use vegetable oil to coat it lightly. This is going to help with preventing debris from getting stuck to it.

If you have noticed that your lawnmower needs help beyond spring mower maintenance, we offer mower repair services. contact us here or through Facebook to get a quote.

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