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Pros & Cons of Pine Needles as Mulch

pine needles as mulch

If you are looking for mulch options, sometimes you may have heard of people using pine needles as mulch. There are pros and cons to using this type of mulch. So we’re going to look at them here so that you know what the advantages and disadvantages are.

Pros of Pine Needles as Mulch

  • They are lightweight. They’re easy on the back and won’t compact the soil.
  • They don’t usually have weed seeds. They also will block the sunlight from getting to weed seeds already in your soil. Therefore, they won’t germinate
  • They decompose slowly so that they won’t have to be replaced often like other kinds of mulch. As time goes by they will break down, enriching the soil.
  • The moderate temperature of the soil in the summer. They also will prevent soil from freezing during winter so that roots don’t heave.
  • Once they have settled, they don’t usually float away during heavy rain. They’ll create a mat and remain.
  • They’re recommended for hillsides and slopes. They allow light rains and irrigation to get to the soil instead of washing the water to the slope’s bottom and carrying the precious topsoil away.
  • They’re easy to find

Cons of Pine Needles as Mulch

  • If the soil isn’t fully covered, you are going to have weeds to deal with. It’s not easy to weed in needles. Even though it looks fluffy and light, the needles are pointy. !
  • It’s flammable. If you live in an area that is prone to wildfires, you should choose something different.
  • It’s not good to use a lot of it. Pines will use the needles for smothering out competitors. So if your layer is more than 4”, it’s going to create an effect that will shed water from your plants. Therefore, you want to stick with a layer of 2-4”.

These are some of the advantages and disadvantages of using pine needles as mulch. Thank you for reading. If you are looking for someone to supply your mulch, we offer mulch delivery. Contact us for a quote.

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