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Project Highlight: Patio with Wall Border & Planting Beds

For this month’s project highlight, we would like to direct your attention to this brand new patio we built with a wall border accent and some added planting beds. Our client recently moved into a new home and once they were settled in realized it was time to add a beautiful new outdoor living space to their yard for some added outdoor relaxation as well as a place to entertain guests. Once they found out about our summer patio special, the rest was history.

After a quick yet detailed consultation, we had an excellent plan in place to add a patio that would be exactly what these clients had in mind. Things that they were looking for specifically were sharp edges using Brussels Dimensional within the wall with built in flower beds and a rounded coping top to provide a nice, aesthetically pleasing yet functional design so that guests may have extra comfortable seating.

We began by excavating the designated area down ten inches into the ground which was followed by pouring eight inches of gravel to help with any settling that may occur. We also installed a custom drain pipe to avoid any water buildup that would risk displacing the stones in the patio and lead to permanent damage. The patio itself is made up of Brussels Block concrete pavers as well as Town Hall black accent pavers. The nice thing about the Town Hall pavers is that they are permeable which means that water can travel through them and avoid any water buildup that might occur on the patio after rainfall or any accidental spilling of beverages or other liquids.

Overall there were no problems or obstacles with this installation, but one piece that did require special attention was the landing that connects from the bottom of the deck stairs to the newly built patio. Many precise cuts were required to make the stones fit together perfectly. With the careful attention to detail that we pride ourselves on at A Cut Above, this was as easy as drinking a cold lemonade on a hot summer day. Like what you see? Schedule a consultation now and let us build your new patio so that you can enjoy it before this beautiful warm weather comes to an end!

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