Rhode Island Contractor’s Registration #: GC-49213

Phase Two Completed: A Natural Raised Patio

After two months of planning, designing, and a week of constructing, we finally completed phase two of our South Kingstown raised patio. For the 360 square feet we decided to use New England flagstone for a natural look with natural boulders. The stones were originally from an old stone wall in Connecticut and there were bluish stones, reddish stones and stones with a yellow hue.

After multiple rounds of laying processed gravel and compaction, we laid the stones in bedding sand. In the center we laid the bigger stones and slowly laid the smaller stones around for a ray effect. We used jumbo cobbles for a border to highlight the flagging and cemented them in. The last step was to fill the joints with Gator Dust and wet it.

In the next few phases we will construct a pergola, install our plantings and uncover the natural stone steps leading up to the patio. A big thanks to Lee Wyman and Right Coast Landscapes for their help in producing the hardscaping. Stay tuned for more! 




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