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4 Common Patio Maintenance Mistakes

patio maintenance mistakes

Patios are a great place when the weather is nice, and you have friends and family to visit. But a lot of people make patio maintenance mistakes that can make their patio last less time and look worse. Below are four common patio maintenance mistakes that you want to avoid making with your patio.

Patio Maintenance Mistakes 1 – Not Sealing the Patio

A lot of people make the biggest mistake possible with their patio, and that is not sealing it. Sealing your patio will help protect it as well as make sure it keeps looking shiny and nice the whole year through. year. it also will make it easier to keep it clean. You should seal it every couple of years.

Patio Maintenance Mistakes 2 – Using an Incorrect Cleaner

Bleach and household detergents aren’t made with patios in mind. You should only use them inside. Rather, you should look for cleaners specifically made for wood or stone. Otherwise, the cleaner could damage the surface.

Patio Maintenance Mistakes 3 – Waiting to Clean Up Spills

Accidents and spills will happen. The way that you are responding to them will make a huge difference. Just like you wouldn’t wait to clean up coffee or wine on a carpet, you shouldn’t wait to clean a spill on a patio either.

Cleaning the spills right away will stop the spill from becoming permanent. Use the right cleaner and you will keep your patio looking newer for longer.

Patio Maintenance Mistakes 4 = Excessively Pressure Washing It

Using your pressure washer to clean the patio is very efficient and quick. However, it’s a bad idea to do it too often.

When you pressure wash your patio, it removes the sealant. So, you want to do it only once each year. you shouldn’t use a lot of pressure. You also should make sure that you aren’t keeping your nozzle very close to your patio’s surface.

Do you want to have your patio repaired or replaced? We offer hardscaping services that can help you have a nice new patio if you have made any of these patio maintenance mistakes. Contact us for more information.

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