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Lawnmower Repair – 5 Signs You Need It

lawnmower repair

Lawnmower season is here. Do you need lawnmower repair before you start cutting your grass? Below are 5 signs that you may need to call a professional.

Signs You Need Lawnmower Repair 1 – Screeching Noise When Its Engine Starts

Is there are loud screeching noise coming from your lawn mower’s engine when you turn it on? It might mean that its engine belt has a problem. if the lawnmower is more than a decade old and its engine belt has never been replaced, you might need a new one. Remove your current belt and then return it. It is possible it was misaligned.

Signs You Need Lawnmower Repair 2 – It’s Leaking Oil

If your lawnmower’s engine has been leaking oil, it might have a loose pan or plug. But if you are seeing black smoke coming from its exhaust, you might have a cracked engine. So now is the time to have it looked at by a professional such as us.

Signs You Need Lawnmower Repair 3 – There’s a Loud Knocking Noise

If the lawnmower is making a noise that sounds like loud knocking, its engine might have a blade that is bent or there could be a mechanism that’s broken.  Don’t ignore this and continue using it. Otherwise, you could do a lot more damage. Stop using your lawnmower and have someone look at it.

Signs You Need Lawnmower Repair 4 – It’s Using a lot of Gas or Oil

If you are noticing that you have to refill it with gas or oil a lot more often in between your mowing sessions, then you might have issues with its spark plugs. If they’re not firing properly, it will cause the lawnmower to consume a lot of gas or oil. This is something that is best left to the professionals.

Signs You Need Lawnmower Repair 5 – It’s Making a Rattling Noise

When your lawnmower is making rattling sounds, it means that there’s something that is loose, in the wrong place, or it’s bent. This might be just something that you need to replace. But regardless, you want to avoid using it since further use can cause more damage.  

These are 5 signs that you need some lawnmower repair before you can use it for the season. Lawnmower repair is one of the services we offer. Contact us here for a quote. You can also connect with us on Facebook.

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