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3 Common Reasons a Lawn Turns Brown in Summer

lawn turns brown

During summer, one of the things that you might notice is that your lawn is turning brown. When your lawn turns brown, you may be wondering why. Below are three common reasons why a lawn turns brown in the summer.

A Lawn Turns Brown Due to Harsh Weather

Like any kind of other plants, grass will need moisture and sunlight to help it grow. Summer’s harsh temperatures can be rough on the lawn, drying out the healthy grass, which can cause it to become brown. Reduced moisture and hot temperatures will mean that your grass isn’t receiving the necessary nutrients for thriving.

A Lawn Turns Brown Because of A lot of Foot Traffic

Your kids are not in school, and the weather is nice. So that means that your lawn’s likely getting a lot of traffic.  Kids are playing outside, you are having cookouts and you may be splashing in the pool. Even though it’s great that people are enjoying the nice weather, it can also cause problems with your lawn. This can cause compacted soil, meaning that the nutrients, sunlight, and water can’t reach your lawn’s roots.

A Lawn Turns Brown Because of Lawn Diseases

Now, when your lawn is likely weak because of the harsh summer weather, it’s often going to be simple for a lot of diseases to strike. When your grass is weaker, it can make it a lot more susceptible. There are a lot of fungi and diseases that can affect your grass. These types of diseases can be prevented by giving your lawn consistent care. This means doing things like watering, fertilizing, and more.

These are three common reasons why a lawn turns brown during the summer.  Take a look at your lawn and see if it’s turning brown. Maybe it needs some extra TLC and care.

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