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5 Tips for Garden Drought Care

Garden Drought Care

During the summer, one of the things that you want to do is know about garden drought care. Below are a few tips that you can use to take care of your garden during a drought and get your plants through this difficult time.

Garden Drought Care Tip 1 – Water Directly

Soaker hoses and drip systems are great ways that you can take care of your garden during a drought. It will provide the plants with water right to your soil and their root systems. It also will reduce the runoff of water as well as evaporation. It also will keep your plants’ foliage dry, helping to prevent damaging fungal diseases.

Garden Drought Care Tip 2 – Mulch

Putting 2-3 inches worth of mulch to your flowerbeds and garden is going to help with shielding your ground from direct sunlight. This is going to keep your soil cooler and keep moisture inside the ground much longer. It also will keep the weeds down.

Garden Drought Care Tip 3 – Deadhead Your Flowering Plants

This should be done sooner than you would if you don’t have a drought. Don’t allow the spent blooms to become seeds. Plants that go to speed spend a lot of water and energy, so you want to stop this from happening during drought.

Garden Drought Care Tip 4 – Reduce/Stop Using Herbicide

When you apply herbicide when it’s really hot can lead to drift. Weeds also don’t take up herbicide well when the conditions are dry. During the dry spells, sometimes weeds often become herbicide tolerant.

Garden Drought Care Tip 5 – Don’t Use Pesticides

The majority of pesticides get put directly on your plants’ leaves. Because of those dry, hot conditions that come with a drought, these kinds of chemicals often damage the plants’ leaves and cause harm to your plants.

These are five tips that you can use when it comes to garden drought care. We hope that you found this to be useful and that you will continue to read our blogs. If you are interested in any of our services, contact us here to get a quote or to request a callback.

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