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Corn Gluten

Corn Gluten: The Natural Pre Emergent Herbicide


Did you know that corn gluten is an all natural weed deterrent? It’s true! Science has shown that corn gluten is ten percent nitrogen by weight. Nitrogen is one of the most important and vital properties of and “Feed and Grow” material you use on your lawn. Nitrogen optimizes the health of your lawn and if you have a yellowing lawn, you guessed it. It’s probably a lack of nitrogen! Corn gluten has nitrogen in it naturally, making it a sustainable option for weed deterrent on your lawn. This is a great option if you want to avoid harmful chemicals from other lawn applications.


There are a few things to know if you are thinking about using corn gluten as a weed preventative. The first thing about using corn gluten instead of other treatments is that the results of corn gluten are cumulative, which means that they get better with each application. It is important to know that corn gluten is a preventative measure, meaning it won’t kill weeds and crabgrass, but it can keep it from germinating in early spring. It is best to put an application of corn gluten on in the spring as well as the fall.


Chemicals in other weed preventative top dressings can be dangerous if they come in contact with skin. People and animals can suffer negative effects from herbicides if they come into contact. Not only that, but chemicals from other herbicides can wash away in water systems, polluting the water, and killing aquatic wildlife. Some studies show that the chemicals can even evaporate into the air providing less than desirable air affects, and damaging the quality of the air. For these reasons, it is important to care for your lawn in an environmentally friendly way.


Corn gluten can be truly beneficial to your lawn. The nitrogen in corn gluten can be helpful in growing nice green grass. In addition to preventing weeds and crabgrass from germinating it is hands down a more environmentally friendly application for your lawn than many other “Feed and Grow” products. Remember to put down an application in the spring, before weeds germinate, and again in the fall. When considering a sustainable lawn care provider, consider 855-RILAWNS. We will have your lawn looking great in the months to come.

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